About Us

    The creation of Five Star Design is a sequel to unceasing betterment of service and management from an Interior Design and Renovation Industry. The company started Since 20 June 2000 by Mr Kenny Tey who with experiences since 1993, in response to the state’s massive need for residential, office lot and commercial building projects. With 19 years of experience of the Interior Design Consultation and Contract, the company constantly has progressively contributed to the Interior Design and Contract Industry where plenty of projects has been successfully complete with positive feedback given by all the value customer.


    Years Of Experience





    Our Vision

    As a globally recognized design firm in the interior design industry, built upon customer confidence, trust, and loyalty, providing quality and reliable interior design and building solutions for clients over the world.

    Our Mission

    We are a leading interior design company in Southeast Asia by offers innovative and superior quality of service. Our principles ensure that we convey a passion for the client and consistently deliver the best service experience through the highest standards of design excellence and continually strive to enhance our contributions to the community.
      Having the experience, Five Star Design is now planning an aggressive expansion programmed, Where it is setting up a construction and project tender group in co-operate with selected potential pro-Experian contractor.

      Overall, Five Star Design is ambitious in its plan to offer top calibre to their clients in its continued quest to search for a better solution to solve the Interior Design and Contract problems to clients’ equitable quality to be able to have all requirement.

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